Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5711 and 5800 Size Comparison

If you're umming and aaahing about which size of Nautilus to get, here is as graphic a demonstration as you'll ever get of why the 3800 stayed on the shelves and the 5800 will too. People often get confused over the dimensions of a Nautilus case what with the ears. Now look above at the real effective cross bezel diameter of the 5800, the vertical dimension: it's a laughably tiddly 33.2 mm. The 5711 on the other hand is 38 mm.

Having discussed wrist sizes, I recently had the chance to compare the 'smaller' Nautilus with the 'large' on my slightly above average at 7.25" wrist . Hmmmm, glad I didn't buy the small one.... "Is that a ladies watch sir?" Note that the 3712/1a and 5712/1a with moonphase are in the large size. Goody.

Ridiculous 'ladies' size 3800 above

Long gone 3711 above


superstar said...

good picture

Rider said...

When you say Long Gone do you mean it was already sold? hard to find?

Thanks for all your posts--love your blog, Veli.

Velociphile said...

Meaning sold....

3711/1G in white gold is essentially pointless now the 5711 is out.

Thanks ;)


Anonymous said...

Yep, I guess the Nautilus is where stats do not apply... 43 looks like a 39 and 38 looks like a 34. For todays standards 34 is definitely too small for a gents watch. It barely is enough for a ladies watch.

Velociphile, thinking about the size issue and Patek's negative to go larger (yeah, right!). Do you think they will ever go "OffShore" on the Nautty? Nahhh, or would they? Any bets... anyone?(God, sometimes I can be such a prick... :-D)