Sunday, November 02, 2008

JLC Polaris - Final Comment

Buried down in the comments on the last Polaris article, you will find something I received this morning from 'Yves'.  I assume this to be from JLC France head Yves Meylan but who knows.....

Nobody ever discredited your 2004 inspiration; it was simply not the right timing for the watch, for JLC and for the market.

Your inspiration was based on a JLC watch that is part of JLC patrimony, so even if your designs were published in 2004, nonetheless this piece is propriety of JLC

The 3 people that made this idea a project have never claimed to be the owner of any designs and material. However, extensive researches and works were carried to be in details as precise as possible to the original versions.

The idea of re-introducing a Polaris was made due to several converging circumstances (growing appreciation of Vintage watches, Heritage Gallery, JLC diving patrimony etc…) with respect to managing JLC marketing, budget and product development strategy, thus leading to further analysis and ending in a triumphant project.

You may feel let down, but all it falls down to, at the time you never presented a satisfactory proposal outlining the benefits and or motivations which could have led to a proposed project.

In the end all that matters is that all watches and Polaris enthusiasts are given an opportunity to acquire an accurate re-edition of a legendary JLC piece.

You ought to know that your 2004 inspiration and support was noted!

Don’t be left out, get one too ;-)

Yves, JLC,  Thanks very much for your visit here.  Well you know I didn't think it was possible to submit a proposal directly to JLC.  It's not my job.  In fact, in 2004, as I said above, I had the response from Mr Lambert that "JLC don't repeat themselves."  Thus, I thought my hopes were lost.  But afterall, here we are with the Polaris finally arriving and that, as you say, is the most important thing.    

Chapeau à tout le monde à JLC.


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Anonymous said...

I am not Yves MEYLAN, I am Yves, one of the 3 guys that presented the POLARIS project to Jeager-LeCoultre. Yves.