Monday, January 29, 2007

Captain Kirk's Watch - The Alinghi Thingy

In H.G. Wells' First Men in the Moon, Cavorite is a material that defies gravity and allows Bedford and Cavor to go on their lunar adventure.

Well in the new AP Alinghi Thingy, they must have used the same stuff because never has such a large watch been so black or weighed so little.

Well, apart from a...... Well, let's be honest, you will have to try pretty hard to banish the idea from your mind that you've just popped several thousand on a grown up G-Shock.

Allied to the Star Trek pointers and you'll think you have Captain Kirk's watch on.

"Scotty, can you punch a couple of holes tighter please?"

Get your deposits down soon and look out for more teasers here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stand united, fall divided.

The manufacturers must be laughing. The steady growth of interest in watches has spawned a new multitude of forums. Great? Nope. Too many are sponsored, ‘official’, or intrusively moderated and the downside is obvious. Does anyone care? Well apparently not. As RJB pointed out there hasn’t been a lot of noise made about the tie up between Antiquorum and Timedrone. And I’ve noticed that no-one has really made any noise about the start up of things like LeClub (could they have come up with a more lame name than that?) at JLC and Whoromundi.

We don’t need more forums, we need better and fewer independent ones. We certainly don’t need the sycophantic symbiosis that breeds lack of criticism. The WIS in search of the truth must tread carefully amongst this morass of 'information'. Personally, I have neither the time nor inclination to peruse all these even in the advent of RSS, it is simply exhausting to sift the noise to reach a gem.

But there is hope. This environment positively allows the ‘blog’ to flourish. The WIS reaps the benefits of the bloggers acting as at least pretty effective infomediaries bringing to the attention important or interesting threads amongst the garbage. Actually further up the foodchain, with no interests to protect, the watch blogger can tease, taunt, chastise and cajole the lazy manufacturers without fear.

Don’t think we’re important to the industry Mr Arrogant watch CEO? Keep the faith bloggers and readers, thanks for your continued support and we'll see.