Monday, September 10, 2007

Breitling Skyracer

Bravo Breitling. I'm not normally a fan of overpriced fashion brands, but Breitling deserve applause for this piece. They've obviously been paying attention and have produced a centre minute chronograph. Not only that, it's combined with a rotating timer bezel and a slide rule in a 200m water resistant package. Could this be the ultimate functional watch?

If you want a slide rule with more than hand splashing water resistance, the only other option is the Sinn 903. The trouble on the 903 is that the slide rule is slow to use; you have to twiddle the little knob round and round and round. The Breitling solution is neat with a little gear driving off the bezel driving the slide rule (a la former Breitling B-Series); you just grab the bezel and do the maths like a normal Navitimer.


Anonymous said...

I know you said you don't normally like overpriced brands like breitling but I do. And on that note I love this watch. but unfortunately cant afford it. hope you don't mind I had to use it on my blog I couldn't miss writing about it. thanks for the info.

jasonpitsch said...

You must be confused as Breitling is far from a "fashion" brand. They are the only watchmaker to offer all their watches as COSC certified. Every watch they sell is a certified chronometer.

Velociphile said...

COSC, yep. But fashion brand absolutely. Make sure you get at least 50% off to more closely reflect the real watches value. At their current list price you're better off going for a centre minute Laureato EVO.