Thursday, February 15, 2007

First entrant to the ticking Lemon Awards - The New Master Compressor Extreme World Alarm

Well, having heard about the new Ticking Lemon Awards (More on how to vote later), always at the bleeding edge, JLC are falling over themselves to get an entry in. Embargoed until April 2nd apparently but still leaked onto the web nevertheless.

Finally as predicted, JLC present a new Geo-Vox movement with a stupid name.... Vale better leave it behind in the pits or he'll lost 1/2 second a lap.

Other makers will have to make some real efforts to beat this early front runner for the title.


Anonymous said...

Truly a monster..

A fan

Anonymous said...


raphmeister said...

Hi Velociphile,
Its sad what JLC is coming out with for this line and the whole embargo fiasco and sudden lifting of it over on purists and horomundi.Hope there'll be more good things to see from other houses come basel & sihh...
By the way, if I were to put 1 of the pics on my blog to critique it would there be any issue? thanks

Chris launder said...

They must be eager to win the ticking lemon award , even part of the watch is lemon coloured ..
Lets hope that if they issue a revamped master reserve de marche that they don't crucify it like this .

KronosClub said...

Too bad. For a second I thought they implemented one of your wishes regarding the Memovox line. The 24 hour Alarm setting. At first when I saw the two disks for setting the alarm I thought it was that, but reading the data it does not mention that feature. Well, it is an improvement nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

As we already seen it at TP, and then disappearing, you start wonder not only abouy JLC's design's.
I wrote it was a machine,not a watch at that post,staement still the same. As owner of the more normal Compreesor Chrongraph,42.5 mm in diam, same as old Speedy, I thought they had learn't. Obviously not.
It's OK with me to not see it at any forum/blog in the future!

Anonymous said...

When this "watch" was up for a day at TP, I made the comment it was a machine not a watch.
Having the smaller Compressor Chronograph myself, 42.5 mm, same as my old Speedy, I thought JLC had understood.
Obviously not.
If they haven't hidden it because they stopped for good, JLC sure is the winner of lemopn price all cathegories.
Both in design and acting.

LPatrickP said...

V - Maybe Flavor Flav has joined Richemont as a stylist. They're not that far from the alarm clock around the neck thing, eh?

Velociphile said...

Doc, Nice to see you here.
Raph, Blog away!

Everyone, thanks for your free speech!


JJS said...

although the JLC MCE is indeed a cross between a steam engine and a sick-parlour wall clock, I would submit far more pathological : the Graham range deserves a gigantic ticking lemon. In fact, the designer(s) of Graham machines seem so obsessed with explosives that they would deserve their ticking lemon to go "bang". Just look at those ludicrous clamps around the winding crown, as elegant as World War I hand grenades.
Greetings from an amateur of understated watches.