Monday, January 29, 2007

Captain Kirk's Watch - The Alinghi Thingy

In H.G. Wells' First Men in the Moon, Cavorite is a material that defies gravity and allows Bedford and Cavor to go on their lunar adventure.

Well in the new AP Alinghi Thingy, they must have used the same stuff because never has such a large watch been so black or weighed so little.

Well, apart from a...... Well, let's be honest, you will have to try pretty hard to banish the idea from your mind that you've just popped several thousand on a grown up G-Shock.

Allied to the Star Trek pointers and you'll think you have Captain Kirk's watch on.

"Scotty, can you punch a couple of holes tighter please?"

Get your deposits down soon and look out for more teasers here.

1 comment:

KronosClub said...

True, the Star Trek pointers are a bit odd... (although I doubt that many Oak buyers follow the show... ;-D) and the weight issue is definitely a problem. However, the critics remind me of the ones I made about the EOD back in the days...