Monday, December 18, 2006

Patek Philippe 5712 and 3712 Spot the Differences

I don't normally blog other blogs, what's the point?, but in this case an exception is due as Kronosclub makes a brilliant comparison of the subtle aesthetics of the 3712 and new 5712.
.....she held them and her first reaction was that they where both the same. The 5712 looked better... but wait! It also feels cheaper... ouch! That "remark" really killed me. ........The 3712 felt thiner and more authentic, when the back of the 5712 felt a bit more... "Seikoish"?
Cheeky Dario's assessment is here. I just wish he had a TV channel.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5711 and 5800 Size Comparison

If you're umming and aaahing about which size of Nautilus to get, here is as graphic a demonstration as you'll ever get of why the 3800 stayed on the shelves and the 5800 will too. People often get confused over the dimensions of a Nautilus case what with the ears. Now look above at the real effective cross bezel diameter of the 5800, the vertical dimension: it's a laughably tiddly 33.2 mm. The 5711 on the other hand is 38 mm.

Having discussed wrist sizes, I recently had the chance to compare the 'smaller' Nautilus with the 'large' on my slightly above average at 7.25" wrist . Hmmmm, glad I didn't buy the small one.... "Is that a ladies watch sir?" Note that the 3712/1a and 5712/1a with moonphase are in the large size. Goody.

Ridiculous 'ladies' size 3800 above

Long gone 3711 above

Friday, December 08, 2006

Sylvain Golay hangs up the screwdrivers

Hats off to Sylvain Golay. 65 last week, he officially retires in two weeks time from Jaeger LeCoultre.

The ever patient, generous, gentle watchmaking maestro who I was lucky enough to spend some time with.

Good luck in retirement and thanks.

Here he is with Jerome Berder of the PuristS.

Sylvain, merci et Santé!