Friday, October 13, 2006

Nautilus Irony - 3710 Set to Rise?

Nautilus is great, ra ra ra! So here we are in the post 30th-Nautilus-launch dip. Phew. Time for reflection... So, the 5711 dial is finally looking right with batons and the case sexed up by the chubby teen curves round the gills has worked. And well done PP, the clever trick of getting us scared over prices means we think that the price rise they have pulled off is 'ok'!

But wait, consequences? Well, I've realised that the basket case, crushed Roman numeral 3710 that has long been recognised an aesthetic disaster area is on the up. What?!!

Well, as I've said before it is probably the pure ugliness of this very watch that has led to the hyper prices being paid for the 3700 and compromising souls, who must have one, to the 3800. And it's not just me, most cognoscenti will atest to this.
Negative about the Nautilus was the move to Roman numerals, this was a BIG mistake and is unbelievably ugly. Look closely at the PR photos and it is painful to see how the numerals have been scrunched and pushed into positions where they just don’t belong at all. If you look closely at any original Nautilus with Roman numerals, it looks like the guy putting the numbers on was drunk.
What was wrong with the old dial (batons)? If everybody likes the old face better, why not admit you GOOFED and go back to it?
Roman numerals and the silly power reserve, what were they thinking. Yuk...
With most of us sat on the edge of our seats waiting and waiting for the 5711 and now finally happy Patek seem to have got it right with a homage to 3700, the laughable, but inevitable consequence may be, that as a slow seller, production of the 3710 has always been equally slow to maintain 'demand'. So, combined with discontinuation, the irony is it may well now be an investment piece due to rarity!

As for its place in the aesthetic hall of real greats PP or otherwise - no way.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, strange indeed! The power reserve Jumbo (the ugly kid) was left out. Because of that it will be on the rise, even if there are quite a few of these around. I am almost certain that this is the most common 42 mm nautilus out there. How ironic...

Personally this is one of the things that makes me believe that the 5711 is overpriced. But then again, I could be wrong...