Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sinn 903 H2 - The Coolest 903 of Them All

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the coolest 903 of them all? Well in the absence of the long discontinued 24 hour manual wind version.... read on.

The Sinn 903 is a better Navitimer for those in the know. Despite now being based only on the ubiquitous 7750, it beats the Breitling hands down as it stays true to the tool watch ethic at a sensible price. In comparison the Breitling Navitimer is an overpriced lifestyle product and, frankly, jumped the shark a while back.

The 903 could only be improved by the application of Sinn's oil free escapement technology 'Diapal'. However, in the absence of that, Sinn decided to make a few 903s with the last of the manual wind Lemanias available to them and it's a fine move - perhaps even better than the old series.

Now, whilst the 903 H4 version is a fine piece too, it's apparently not a true limited item like the bi-compax 903 H2 (above left). The busy four dial H4 with its moonphase, date and 12hr sub counter is being produced in "low restricted annual volumes" (so called "fortlaufend nummeriert" or sequentially numbered) rather than one never to be repeated, completed run of 220 (which is what we were originally told.)

If you haven't ordered it by now, you're too late, probably, maybe.....


Speedmaster said...

I love Sinn, and agree about Breitling. Their prices are insane imho. Did you ever see their prices for bracelets?

Anonymous said...

While I admire Sinn, and think the 903 is a very attractive watch, a 30-minute chrono simply can't compare to the Navitimer's 12-hour functionality.

It's certainly a pretty watch; Sinn never gets the dials quite right for me, but this model is superb.

Anonymous said...

One problem with the Sinn 903 is that the little knob on the left is a pain in the butt to turn. Imagine wearing the watch and having to contort your right hand around the watch in order to rotate the slide rule. And it takes a heck of a long time to rotate on a small knob like that. Thus the slide rule is almost useless. I'm surprised this wasn't in the review at all. Did you even wear and use this watch for more than a day?

Velociphile said...

Review? Who said anything about review? LOL. Agreed that the knob driven sliderule is less friendly than the original, but on the other hand I'm happier having the water resistance. And not everyone wears the watch on the left wrist.... Perhaps you should try a Breitling B-series with the clever rotary transfer gear, it's good. And yes, it's a shame they only do a 30 min version. If you want the 12 hours get the H4, still better value than any Breitling.