Friday, August 25, 2006

RANT - Flattery Imitation the Sincerest Form Is

Having had a chance to read a few watch magazines of late, I noticed an interesting similarity between some of the articles and subjects that have been handled recently (e.g The Chinese, Swiss Made, even Diego Maradona and his Rolexes) in old blog articles by myself and others. Fair enough I thought, but what was alarming though was that the originating blog articles by myself and other great watch bloggers (see links right) were a) weeks AHEAD of the magazines and b) the gist of the article was lifted from the blog with a bit more comment.

Moral? 1. Read it here first on the blogosphere and 2. magazine editors, please have some ideas yourselves or at least credit us out here - we're doing this for nothing.

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KronosClub said...

Details, details... Please!