Thursday, August 24, 2006

The future without ETA?

Although Swatch giant ETA has been forced to extend movement supply to 2010, alternatives must be found, and fast, for non-Swatch companies. It may be that we are looking at part of that future right here:
Seiko has introduced this new automatic calibre 6R15 that hacks and can also be hand wound - always the shortfall of the otherwise impressive 7S26. This would take them right into ETA 2824 territory. What with "Swiss Made" meaning so little anyway, it wouldn't take much to see this kind of movement licensed into otherwise Swiss products with a different name on the rotor.


Anonymous said...

If the market for movements is truly profitable then someone or some company will step into the void to ensure an adequate supply is available to non-swatch companies.

Joe Kaye said...

Japanese movements in Swiss watches why that's as improbable as Panerai finding some old movements somewhere and putting them out as a 'special' edition.
Cynicism has no place in modern horology, by Jingo Sir it would mark the very end of Western civilization -as we know it-!.
Joe Kaye.
Joe Kaye