Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jaeger-LeCoultre Black Dial Surprise

I touched on the sad lack of black dials in the current JLC range here when mocking up a black dial on the Master Grand Réveil. Well someone at JLC's been listening as they now offer two further black dials (albeit on limited editions).

(Left) we have the much improved newly available Master Eight Days in bargain stainless steel. With the far more attractive day-night indicator added to the black dial treatment, it's getting irresistible. Apparently though, it is little different to the Cellini LE already released.... Can anyone provide a pic?

And hurrah and hoolay as a completely new and far more attractive layout breaks cover for the Hometime (below). Transforming it from messy, unbalanced, ugly duckling to Swanesque Patek Philippe 5134 contender, I would hope, and it may be, that the dial layout is used in a revised Hometime layout (without the L.E. black dial though). As ever, don't go rushing out to buy any L.E. at a premium or as an investmnet; buy it if you like it....... Criticism? Ok, why the '60' and '30' on the small seonds (also on the 8 day which the silver dial doesn't have.

Carrying the Cal 975 'Autotractor', more pictures of the new Hometime layout can be found here taken by Spiros.

P.S. If you haven't seen it, marvel at the detailed pull down of the Cal 975 movement conducted by Suitbert Walter here. While you're at it, compare and contrast with the famous Rolex movements reviewed as follows: Walt Odets' legendary controversial review of the Rolex Explorer, and The Rolex Submariner Cal. 3135 by Andrew Babanin


Chris Launder said...

Those black dials sure are nice , there is a definite Patek resemblance in the Hometime layout , but at a more achievable pricepoint , here's hoping they relaunch the RDM with black dial and the new Cal 975 movement , now that would be a Whoosy !!

KronosClub said...

Could not agree more... Jaeger's black dials are way nicer.

Velociphile said...

I just don't understand why you don't get the option of dial colour. Compare Patek's annual calendar colour combos or Rolex's dial catalogue - endless. It can't cost anything really.