Friday, June 09, 2006

Ultimate Speedmaster (more)

Whilst we are on the subject of Omega, I've long wondered what the Speedmaster would have been like with the arguably more useful and practical diving/timing bezel. (I don't believe a tachymetre was ever any use to an astronaut as it's a bit difficult to find mile marker posts on the way to the moon). Remember, we talked about the Speedmaster 50th anniversary edition for 2007 a while back.

A bezel would have given them 3 separate timing systems, a slow to work out one (hour and minute time), a quick one (bezel) and an accurate and fast one (chrono).

Now being a fan of the ever so easy to read centre minute chronograph, which would surely have been the astronaut's first choice.... I took a picture of the grail Speedy (376.0822) from Chuck's stores (I hope you don't mind Chuck) and bolted it into the Speedy case with Planet Ocean bezel. The result is shown left.

Considering the dross they do produce, I cannot see why Omega cannot make the effort to produce a watch like this. I mean, as Swatch have the keys to Lemania (or whatever B.S. name it has now, they even have access to a centre minute movement i.e. the one that's 'exclusive' to Breguet. Although the Breguet may not be a column wheel design ( --gasp-- whadya mean? all that wedge and no column wheel) it is ready and waiting.

Cristiano Berto was kind enough to remind me that, of course, a timing bezel had appeared before on a prototype (Right). This has been documented at length by the hard working Eric So on his Omega site.

Meanwhile on TZ, tooexistential (Curtis) has been busy with PS and produced an array of alternatives involving 24 H GMT hands and so on, and my favourite is perhaps the one combining both bezel AND tachy (below).

What is stopping Omega producing any of these is beyond my ken.
If only omega would play a bit with ideas like these rather than all the simple dial modifications in their Ltd Ed watches.
Says Curtis. Could not agree more and there's money waiting for this one:

Except I think we can go some steps further: we could add the date at 4 or 6 o'clock a la Broad Arrow. And add the curved bracelet. Oh, and did I mention Co-axial? So that's pretty much all the functions you need and all without looking like a Citizen SkyHawk thingy. Good job Curtis. So come on Omega. Oh, wait what's this?.....


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Francis Jacquerye said...

Actually the Lemania 5100 is a fully-fledged "column wheel" caliber.

And I agree about the Swatch Group's policy regarding the Lemania manufacture, it is a real shame they decided to put the 5100 to the archives. Real shame!