Friday, June 02, 2006

How to make a mint making a Swiss Watch

Cash in on people's innocence and ignorance of horology.
  1. Surf around and identify a defunct target brand preferably with a somewhat fascinating history or USP. I didn't realise how many dormant Swiss watch brands there are that can be purchased for a modest fee and can give you an instant history for whatever you decide to make.
  2. Purchase the rights to the dormant brand. If possible identify existing family/former company owners and get their buy in to your proposal to resurrect it for a cut by involving them in the marketing. It's a really nice touch.
  3. Identify a range of cheap Swiss movements to apply (see 5).
  4. Package it. And as the brand owner you can subcontract the entire process – there are plenty of case makers, dial makers etc and if the Swiss won't play you can make it all in China...
  5. Leverage 'Swiss Made.' Maximise the opportunity given by the lax definition (see 3).
  6. Trade on the internet officially – in fact make it the only method of purchase. 'Limited editions' always sell well and especially if you offer it at a discount despite being the only source.....
  7. Cultivate the gullible/ignorant via a well 'guided' forum. It is useful to drop misleading hints that your watches are comparable to true high end products.
  8. If you really have no shame, it helps to just lie.
As Chris said the other day:
What brands have existed uninterrupted for at least say 50 years, and at no time existed solely as an asset in a portfolio in someone’s file cabinet?
Truly, a register of these would be a great resource. You have been warned.

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