Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ETA 2894-2 Modular Chronograph

You are looking at a small piece of the ETA parts list for the ETA 2894-2 movement. Part 8510 is only available as a one-piece-pre-assembled-no-spares-available MODULE that bolts on the base movement. Quite how that can be perceived as "an integrated chrono" and not "a modular chrono" I don't know. However, one manufacturer is trying to pass this off as "integrated." Fortunately now you know better.

I cannot link you to access ETA technical documents as they are held on an https server. To find them go to ETA and follow the links to the "Customer Service Portal." From there you will find a section "Technical Documents" from which you can select your calibre of interest.


Speedmaster said...

VERY amusing. ;-)

Who is it? Whos is trying to as that off as integrated?

I can see it now: "We have 'integrated' the module!" ;-)

Velociphile said...

Chris, Hi, I'll mail you.

Actually, you're dead right! They suggest that somehow, cos the module is on the back not the front, it's 'integrated' and hence superior to a modular chrono.....WTF? Allied with their B.S. about certain other mods they make to base movements that were challenged by a very respected member of the WIS community that they then treated completely disrespectfully.... I give up. Being wary of brands with an 'official/sponsored forum' and the inevitable abuse of the power of censorship is a lesson learned here I think. Maybe more of this in a later blog.