Sunday, May 14, 2006

Chinese Taikonaut Official Watch

Space fans will be pleased I found an excellent review of the Fiyta Taikonaut watch by Ron Engels at his excellent Pilotswatch site. As you can see (right), it has a Japanese Miyota $5 quartz movement. Shame, when they have such great mechanicals available or could have even used one of their own quartz movements. Check out the large plastic spacer, mmmmm.

Seems a real shame when you realise the Chinese can produce tourbillons like this or take the column wheel Venusesque Seagull St19 reviewed by GMF (left) which would surely have been better at showcasing Chinese capability?
(Oysterquartz was the little known and under appreciated quartz Rolex of the last century (in fact made until 2001 I believe - but I digress. Check out GMF's

In the meantime, the current taikonauts are flying with this

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Speedmaster said...

Great post, thanks. That last pic looks like an IWC "homage". ;-)

Did you see the June Watchtime yet? Big article on watches used in Space. I haven't read it myself yet though.