Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic and Master World Geographic

I'm impressed so far by the new Geographic and World Geographic revealed first on ThePuristS by Jaw. The 'harmonisation' process JLC are going through is very sympathetic to the original Master series. A comparison of the two is shown below:

I haven't done the analysis yet, but I would bet that the revised hand positions on the new Geographic follow the Golden Ratio - unlike the old model. In fact it feels remarkably like the RDM dial.

Note that the World dial is rotated... and gives a completely different feel which I find less appealing. The Geo hasn't got the WOW factor of the Patek 5130 esque World dial, but is probably all the better for it. The new Geo also stands at a reasonable 40mm dia and the World 41.5mm.

But, I'd really like to see JLC pump up the water resistance from 50m. Then it really could be a fit and forget sauna-jacuzzi-proof travel watch on bracelet. With a black dial and an alarm it would be even more practical/readable. I guess one day we may get the Geomemovox. Very happy with the Master series harmonisation process so far.

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wisemoth said...

I dunno about the new harmonized looks less harmonized to me :-) The combination of the geographic's interestingly-raised chapter ring and the 12,3,9 and the 3/9 dots; together with the removal of the JL at 12 all seem far less elegant than the previous version. It even has a look of one of those shoddy fake versions of the old Geographic...

The JL/curved 'Jaeger LeCoultre' look as good on the old Geographic as they do on the Memovox I have :-)