Monday, April 03, 2006

Jaeger-LeCoultre at SIHH 2006

Well I haven't got a lot right so far... but I did predict that JLC would adopt a lubrication free escapement. Unfortunately, as expected, it's in the (unobtainable...) 75th Reverso. Here's hoping it's rolled out to the rest of the range as soon as.

What happens if you like the new Master World Geographic as much as I do? Well, we may be fighting it out over the last of the 1500 stainless and 500 pink gold ones only ever to be made... apparently.

So, back on to the edge of the seat for the rest of this week's announcements, Reverso Compressor notwithstanding.

Last out again, Magsy heads for home still pondering how to Compressor-up the Reverso. We shall see. Picture from the forthcoming book 'Jaeger-LeCoultre - Portraits de Manufacture.' Ian Skellern's article about it is here.

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