Sunday, April 02, 2006

Basel 2006: Sinn's Quiet 142 Release

Whilst various horrorlogical devices are revealed at Basel 2006, Sinn quietly continue to get on with the business of making real useful stuff.... Initially receiving a poor reception on the various fora, my view of the new 142 St II is pretty positive. Although departing from its Sinn 140 origins, and I'm not a fan of the integral bracelet, I think that opting to put a Dubois Depraz module on probably one of the finest volume production base movements is no bad plan. Ok, we have arguably awkward button height (the module is dial side) and they have bizarrely opted to put the bezel crown low. Display back is also pointless really, it's not like you can see the chrono bits.....

But, remember this is the solution effectively offered in something like the miles more expensive GP Laureato EVO chronograph and retains the essential central sweeping minute counter. I'm much happier that this is happening than the 7750 adapted by Sinn to have a central minute counter (SZ01) got in ('delayed' according to Sinn sources). I'm sure it will finish up there in the end, which to me makes this version all the more interesting in its suredly short term life (too expensive to do for long) and kind of a bargain. We'll all be looking back at this version with teary eyes when that 7750 version appears let me tell you. Let's hope there's a Ti AR one ASAP. Recommendation: Buy!

New one on the left, old one on the right:


Speedmaster said...

Good stuff, I love Sinn watches.

G. I. said...

I hate 6-9-12 subdials.