Tuesday, April 04, 2006

At last, a 6 Hz movement. 43200 vph is here!

We've talked a lot about pushing watches to ever higher beat frequencies in the pursuit of accuracy here, here, here and I've been waiting for when anybody would push for a higher frequency movement and finally YES! Announced here, the styling may be one thing, but I am so pleased to see a movement like this this year. Do NOT expect the Swiss to follow...... this ND58 movement from Seiko Instruments beats faster than anything!

Now we just need that warranty -now where did I put it? ah yes...


Speedmaster said...

Does it use a traditional Swiss lever escapement? If so, I fear for its longevity. I'm generally a proponent of slower beat movements, between perhaps 18k and 21.6.

PAwel said...

I belive Girard Perregaux was the first one who used movements with 36.000 vph. Some of its High Frequency Gyromatic models already in 60-ties offered written quarantee of accuracy within limits of +/- 1 min/month. And they were not too expensive!-maybe in "upper Tissot, lower Longines" leage.
I have purchased mine in early 70-ties and it still ticks perfectly:-)

Pawel from Warsaw - Poland