Friday, November 04, 2005

Velociphile's Wristwatch FAQ

If you're new to posting on any watch forum, to save the regulars' sanity, it's only polite to look through their archives first. Or, please check these FAQs before posting on any of the following topics. You may find what you're looking for without looking an idiot.

What kind of discount can I get?
Which dial colour - Black or silver?
Can I wear a brown strap with a black dial?

Is this fake?
Which Rolex should I get?
Authorised dealer or grey market?
Which beater for under $5000?
Disgusted! Found a spec on my dial under 30x mag.
My relative left me this, is it worth anything?
How do I post pictures?

Are watches getting too big or is it just me?
My minute tick marks don't line up with the seconds when they're at zero - help!
Must buy a watch by end of week - Advice please

Does this look too big on my wrist?
If you had to have only one watch - which one?
Can I wear a 44mm watch on a 6 3/4" wrist?
My boss gave me a watch I don't like, should I wear it?

How to remove caseback?
Am I nuts for wanting a quartz?
What's the cheapest place to buy?

I heard that Rolex is the best - is it?
Which is the best watch forum, ThePuristS or Timezone or Watchuseek or...?
I don't like it much, but is the 5792R a good investment?
I can't get my caseback on?
What does "in-house" really mean?
Is Patek Philippe the best?
I've got the same watch in all dial/case combinations.

Golf - Can I play it with my watch on?
Need help on identifying this.
Can I swim with 25m W.R.?
My deployant buckle is more comfy reversed - should I leave it there?
My watch makes a horrible graunchy noise - is it OK?
Can I swim with 50m W.R.?

Keeping perfect time, but should I get my watch serviced?
My watch makes a funny whirring sound when I move it - is that bad?
I got caught in the rain with my SeaDeep1000m, what should I do?

Will people get annoyed if I post the same pictures of my limited collection over and over again?
I sold a watch and now want it back - am I normal?

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Anonymous said...

Huh? the links above just take you to other sites. I thought this was a FAQ as you said...