Saturday, November 12, 2005

Patek Philippe 5970 - Pasta Timer or True Chronograph?

What? What's the problem? Well, you simply cannot rapidly and accurately read the stopwatch time between 27 and 33 seconds as the calender cuts in to the stopwatch scale. 0/10 for function Patek. Sorry, but it's just not acceptable to make GLARING FUNCTIONAL ERRORS on watches this expensive. However, it is becoming more and more common through the industry. I can quote other examples but why bother? Nobody seems interested. These type of watches remain sales successes with the general public and get worshipped even by the cognoscenti. Here's the 5970 and question is, what's the stopwatch time?

Oh no, my pasta's overcooked!

I found that even looking down into the crystal between 27 and 33 seconds it is hard to see to the nearest '1/5' what the stopwatch time is. The second ticks are only bolder, (critically) not longer - compare 3970) and for me they get mingled with the 1/5ths; well with my eyes.

It's not important elsewhere on the dial (i.e. between 33 and 27 thru 60) because you have the inner track of seconds making it clear as day. Omega made a similar 'error' of such ticks on one of their Speedmaster day-date dials (still do in fact) and I know of at least one person who returned theirs as 'not fit for purpose' on that basis (not prompted by me either, LOL). I know the 5970 is not supposed to be a mission critical chronograph and arguably who needs 1/5s timing? but come on Patek, this costs $000s....


Speedmaster said...

Good points. While I love PP, this just isn't acceptable at these price points imho. They can do better.


Scott Kirchmar said...

Patek Philippe's like many other high end mechanical watches are works of art and watchmaking prowess...I have multiple complicated wristwatches rather than having Monet’s and Van Gogh’s on my wall. The point is not necessarily functionality and these “character flaws” are what endear these watches to our souls, if you want the exact tenths between 27 and 33 buy a Timex or a Seiko.

Anonymous said...

I like to look at them as art as well other wise there is no point of getting them.
If we were to list the top 5 watch makers/artist, it would be like this:
#1 Patek Philippe
#2 (Empty)
#3 (Empty)
#4 (Empty)
#5 Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet....etc.
Scott, I agree with you 100%. It is not only what is on your wrists,
the importance is how it makes you feel as well.

cd said...

Scott Kirchmar, your post is utterly ridiculous. Functionality is 100% crucial to the real value of a watch and has historically been the hallmark of the finest watches - attention to every - last - detail - imaginable. If this were any other watchmaker, esp. a lesser one, you'd crucify them.

If you want an empty status symbol, tape a thousand dollar bill to your wrist.