Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Patek Philippe 3712/1a Discontinued Already

So it's official, the subject of many an internet rumour, the 3712/1a is finished before it really started. It's only been out since about June.

Regarding the Ref. 3712/1A, we regret to inform you that this model is discontinued and is not produced by our company anymore. This reference will be replaced by a new reference which will be launched during the year 2006.
Many people may find this surprising, but I don't. What with the anniversary of Nautilus coming up, it makes sense to clean the slate for a bevy of models. The 3712/1a was nothing more than a stop gap with the flaky poor winding, sudden-death prone 240LU movemement, a cynical low investment parts bin revamp and it was never going to last long in the range. But as is the way with short run PPs it will be the subject of speculation about sky rocketing auction values and frankly it doesn't deserve it. But look at that statement "replace by a new reference."

I'm sure Patek have major explosive plans for the (30th) anniversary. I imagine a whole new range going head to head with AP RO(O). I can see big cases, chronos, dual times, and yes, a better replacement for 3712/1a.... and because of that I actually struggle to see why 3712's value is going to skyrocket as predicted by some.

Update: Nov 13 2005. Unconfirmed but apparently the watch as a design will continue but will have an upgraded movement; apparently replacing a part or something ('bout time). More on this as it develops. Hmmmm, looks like the value of 3712/1a is going down not up.....


Dario said...

I am very curious as to when the first 3712 pops up at Antiquorum and the amount it is going to fetch... anybody wana bet?

Velociphile said...

I was an idiot, even though I still can't decide if I like it or not, I was offered one and didn't take it up never dreaming that it was going to be here today gone tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You made the right decision passing up the offer , I saw this watch during a factory tour in June and it left me cold .
Even if it does go up in price , would you have enjoyed wearing it more than a black dial JLC RDM :-)
Chris Launder

Catulle said...

Hmmm...! Is this for real? Is this an open forum where an objective appraisal of the brands or of particular watch can be posted? Is this blog different from the commercial sites where only laudatory remarks can be posted? Are you aware that the reason why Patek Philippe only certifies a few high-end watches as chronometers is because their parameters for time-keeping is -10 to +20 seconds a day? Of course, they won't tell you that.

Thank you for letting me post. I hope this post is not deleted.

Velociphile said...


Thats an interesting claim, but can you please cite a reference for this -10/+20s/d standard?

Thanks for also not being anonymous....


Velociphile said...

I checked with PP direct and here is their reply:

"Your recent email sent to Geneva has been forwarded for our attention as we are the UK office for Patek Philippe.

With regards to your question regarding timing, our current range for a mechanical watch would normally be between -2 and + 3 seconds a day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.

With kind regards

Dxxxx Bxxxxx"

Anonymous said...

There are NOT better watches than Patek. I would suggest that your opinions on ugliness, etc... concerning the 3710 or 3712, keep it for yourself and keep checking on the prices they fetch on auctions or at the prices the reach when they are sold. That will give you the reality of the market and not a bias opinion based on ridicule adjectives. Nautilus is great.

Velociphile said...

Dear 'Anonymous', Yes Nautilus is great, ra ra ra but the crushed Roman numeral 3710 is an aesthetic disaster area as most cognoscenti will atest to. As for high auction prices? Since when do they equate with aesthetics in Patek world? PP have simply, shall we say, 'manoeuvered' themselves to an enviable position in the market where they can sell anything they like. Thus, the irony is the 3710 may well now be an investment piece as it has been discontinued. Laughable but inevitable maybe. As a slow seller, it's production has always been slowed to maintain 'demand'. But, as for its place in the hall of real greats PP or otherwise - no way. Thanks be that they have made the 30th 5711 piece it will be deservedly popular albeit overpriced a bit.