Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Omega Speedmaster 2998 on Mesh

19mm lug owners know how hard it is to find a bracelet for a 2998 (and the like), but that problem seems to have been solved by Jeff Bagnall. Not quite a NASA issue astronaut's Jacoby Bender but it'll do for the mo', I just got this 19mm Kreisler 60's NOS mesh for my 2998-6. Nearly as comfy as the NATO RAF pattern strap, but not quite.

Ebay's global trading village strikes again. What on earth did we do before?...........

It fits fine and the 19mm width is spot on, but in the end it is a 'universal' fit style and some may not like that. There is a 2mm gap to the case and it relies on tabs on the back of the end pieces that touch the caseback - you know the sort of thing. The curve of the end piece is a perfectly correct radius though.

Compare the real deal:


SteveW62 said...

Any chance of sharing the source details publicly ?

Velociphile said...

Hi Steve, LOL, it was just one dealer on ebay who happened to have it. Maybe they have more who knows... it was from 'carsale3'. He has a straight-end version up now. I'm still looking for a JB NASA one! Missed one recently by a day :-(

Speedmaster said...

Great find! I'll have to make sure Chuck Maddox sees this one.