Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Still waiting for Co-Axial in the Omega Speedmaster

Dear Omega,

When can we expect



Strange isn't it, how you can buy one of these

Hmmm, not bad, bracelet harking back to the past, but lugs too prominent

or these

Nope, sorry....

or even one of these

Yikes! Please stop now Velociphile!

We already looked at 50th Anniversary Speedmasters specification. But on reflection I don't think they'll do those things. The most obviously overlooked marketing opportunity for 2007 is stuffing the Cal 3313 in the current Speedy case - and I'm afraid that's what we'll get.....

Somehow some kind of trojan keeps putting pictures of Cinders at the bottom of every Omega blog....

I have to apologise, can't seem to fix this bug, but wait, where's your watch Cinders? Oh right, problems with your 3313. Uh huh, back at the dealers. Hmmmm, better let Chuck know.


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