Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Swiss Made"....Promise

Remember being a kid? Nothing hurts more than broken promises.....
"I know poppet, I said we'd go to the zoo but, blah blah"
The damage done by being ‘found out’ is worse than owning up at the start. Now we've all read "A brand is a promise kept" and my key concern is about this fragile emotional link between brand and consumer. So if one is trading on the basis of hairsprings bent on the thighs of Swiss maidens, then there had better be some pretty sweet hotties in the VallĂ©e. Take the “JLC Cal 75x FP1185 situation” as an example. What damage did the polemic do by not coming clean at the outset?

Of course, the industry will persist in trying to maintain the myths knowing the majority of consumers are either ignorant (see CEO comment 2), or successfully brainwashed by their marketing hyperbole. So (to paraphrase Jefferson) "The price of quality is eternal vigilance", to be watchful for deceit and when we find it, flush it out shouting, “Unclean, unclean!” from the rooftops.


Luger is pursuing "Swiss Made = what?" with utmost vigour. Read more:

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Wow, lots of info to digest here. Not sure what to make of it all het.