Wednesday, September 21, 2005

RAF NATO Pattern Strap

An RAF pattern NATO strap!

Sky high quality, cheap as chips, light as a feather, soft as your first kiss - in all weathers, indestuctabubble and definitely NOT to be confused with the normal NATO issue with all the problems of the double thickness, ouchy, itchy and scratchy fixed 3 loop positions. It's so comfy you keep thinking you've lost your watch to start with.

Yep, discovery of the year for me and preferably in Jimbo Bond grey stripes. So Dad had it right all those years ago after all….. Oh, and if you can't get one, you can modify the standard NATO one by cutting and heat sealing.

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John F. Opie said...

Hi -

I just put one of these on my vintage Stowa Ancre: it really does let you forget that you are wearing a watch. I caught myself thinking which watch I should wear today when I had already put on the Stowa. I didn't feel that I was wearing it.

Great watch band from Timefactors, and thanks for pointing it out...