Thursday, September 22, 2005

Grandpa's Watch at the Observatory Trials

You may remember Grandpa's watch from previous instalments. A modest man's pocket watch of the 30s, other than Chris Heal's service, it's not a fettled or specially prepared racehorse in any way. Not exactly Kew, but, I decided to put its recently serviced movement through its paces in my own lab in my own version of the 'Observatory Trials'.

An Everite from 1937/8. Not exactly Patek tourbillon material. We'll see. Go baby go!

So far so good. Day 3 and so far the mean deviation in rate is 0. Whooh hoooh! Stay tuned for ongoing updates. (Beats reality TV anyday.)


Speedmaster said...

THat's really amazing. Is the balance qutie large, or is it just my perspective?

I would love to see some observatory type trials again between the big houses, mechanical only of course. ;-)


Velociphile said...

Well yep, everything was going great and then I went off to the US and haven't got back to this.....