Monday, August 22, 2005

YES! Finally for Accuracy Freaks

Hoorah, hooray, haloo, halay! External regulators!

Click pic to go to ThePuristS JeanRichard thread.

I've been wondering why no-one has done this on a modern watch for as long as I can remember. Kind of reminds me of the fine Advance/Retard thumbwheel on (Lucas?) distributors of old (ask your dad)...........

Click pic to go to IanS's report on the Urwerk 103.03.
Thanks to John A. Frye for pointing it out on the Urwerk

Wow, need to sit down now.


Speedmaster said...

Wow, amazing, I never even thought of that!

A few concerns off the top of my head:

How easy is it to jar or bump?

Another opening in the case for moisture/dust?

How well will this work? Is there notable gear slack or lash in the mechanism?


Velociphile said...

Chris, hi,
1. Who knows, probably not too easy - and I wonder what authority one has anyway; low geared probably.
2. Well, if it's only rotary, a seal could be good for 100m+ WR.
3. No experience! No reason why backlash free arrangement could not be implemented however.