Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cracking the Deleskiewicz Code

The Golden Ratio, definite mathematical beauty, but too often used and abused, to explain all sorts. They say the Mona Lisa's beauty is based around this mathematical ratio, so I wondered what makes the Jaeger LeCoultre Réserve de Marche into one of the most beautiful watches ever. Let's look at some of the proportions.

The ratio of the hour and minute hand lengths is GR. The centre of the small seconds is placed at GR distance between dial-centre and 6 o'clock marker. Then the date pointer centre is GR relative to the small seconds centre. However, the power reserve pointer centre is very close, but not perfect GR to the small seconds centre.

If I may be so bold as to 'correct' JD's design to perfect GR (left hand pic) you can see the design no longer works because of other influences; the text and the balance of spaces left on the dial in particular. One can also try a different size or further or closer position but still on the GR basis; and it doesn't work. It also highlights how useful it is to understand a design through trying to change it.

If Janek didn't knowingly use GR, then the positioning he chose is an amazing testament to his design feel. Of course there is more to this watch than the proportions of the subdials and their location - compare what Vacheron Constantin did with the same pointer centres in their RDM...... Ughh.

And finally, as the flat catalogue shots of JLC are useless, let's leave you with a proper impression of this watch.

And don't forget your Homework Assignment:. Try and find the golden ratios in any Magsy design.


Speedmaster said...

What a great post, thanks!


John Hardy said...

In other words the Golden Ratio in design is a whole pile of doggy's do do.

cheers and thanks for the link!