Saturday, July 23, 2005

Virtual and Reality. JLC Cal 875 in bits

Bored with H@lfLife2? Well, JLC have a fantastic game which you can load up on your PC and it allows you to build the Cal 875.

It starts with a fly through the ticking movement.

Then you can begin

You assemble the watch using the mouse. You have to be careful to precisely position the parts and in the right order! Using help greatly speeds the process!

Keyless works going in:

and at actual screen resolution:

The power reserve satellite:

At any time, you can click on a part, zoom in on it and rotate to marvel at it.

Dropping in the Power reserve rack - steady......

Dial side, and the Date wheels recess.

Centre wheel dropping in - easy....

Balance wheel assembly -sadly the animation doesn't include the wheel dropping in and stretching the hairspring!

This is a sure fire winner for WISs. Quite why you can't buy the assembly game of your watch is beyond me.

As for the reality? A lot harder, but a lot more satisfying. Don't do this at home kids......


In progress:

After! Go baby go..... Aye me she ticks. Yep, watch movements are girls.

And for my next trick..... Move over Eric


Anonymous said...

Your website notes the availablility of a "build a JLC
movement' game.

Where does one acquire this game (I just checked the JLC
website -- English Version -- doesn't appear to be available
there) ?

Many thanks (and I enjoy your site, BTW);


Speedmaster said...

Very interesting, I'll check it out.


Velociphile said...

Hi RP, Unfortunately no, it's not for sale AFAIK. However, a few lucky people have them. I hope that JLC might consider a) releasing it as a promo with a watch purchase, and b) as it's obviously based on CAD models they'll have anyway of the watches, it shouldn't be too hard to do more of the sane for other models. Imagine building a Grande Memovox!

Ming Thein said...

I'm waiting for the Gyrotourbillon or Antoine LeCoultre repeater version :)


Guyot said...

Terrific post.