Saturday, July 16, 2005


If you haven't seen it, check the excellent report of Basel 2005 by Alberto Schileo at As much as I like the new 5146, I've been looking at it again, especially having been in e-mail discussion about it and I wonder if we can't go somewhere with it.

Let's get rid of the Arabics, it's just too JLC with them, but not go back to the Romans, yikes! - So, batons then.. Compromise? Noooo....... timeless. Delete the sweep seconds just because I don't like to see time passing - "In order not to simply endure time" (J Deleskiewicz) and tidy up that intrusive box around the date window.
  1. Let's get it sporty: Make that shock proof escapement after all with silicon on ruby but make it water resistant to 100m.
  2. But keep it practical: keep the useful annual calendar (do you really need a perpetual with a watch service every 5 years?) and, come on, sunrise sunset IS useful (RH window)
  3. And make some room for the emotional: Moonphase. (LH window) Or is moonphase practical and sunset emotional? ..........Anyhow, here we are:

And what's that poking out the side? Oh that'll be the strike/silent slide for the passing hour strike.....

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