Friday, June 03, 2005

JLC Chronograph Controversy - Case Closed (well, for the mo'....)

You remember this one? The whole, crikey, that new JLC chronograph looks like the FP1185..... well, we've become a bit stuck as there have been no further comments on this issue, but I did remember firstly, it was reported back from the Aston Martin & JLC event at the end of April in the US:

"There have been threads suggesting the new movement is based on the 1185 Piguet. I was told the movement is JLC. While some parts may look similar ...... because of function, they would look similar on any column wheel control movement."

And this was almost word for word the tack taken when it came into conversation at the Aston Martin & JLC London event. So there you have it, phew, finally that little mystery solved....

P.S. Oh I forgot to mention that it also been commented, no, more emphasised "how good the FP1185 is." (I have to wonder really hard about why that would have been mentioned at all...? hmmm, why?... Sorry not making any sense. Probably because my tongue is so far in my cheek).


Speedmaster said...

Makes sense. Thanks for wrapping this one up. I was curious to see where it was going to go.


Lyla said...

You can read on the Italian Magazine "L'Orologio" that Jaeger LeCoultre finally admitted that they actually started from the FP calibre to develop their chronograph. Then they knew from the beginning what they were doing!
Anyway, they have slightly improved some features, like 2 rubies inside the axis of coaxial chronograph wheel.
The sad fact is that the italian magazine seems to me the only one that wrote something about the similarity between the FP and the JLC movements... Or you know others?