Monday, May 16, 2005

Rowley's Watch Collection

Me rummaging in the watchboxes of the famous with my reputation? Well, this week I have mostly been investigating tourbillons. I was very privileged to have this collection shared with me. Names changed and archive pics to protect the...etc, etc.......

Yes, it’s tourbillon central starting with the Greenwich Observatory test entrant (hardest game in the world) Patek with the 34T tourbillon in it (The 3834?):


The “suit you sir” bizarre AP Edward Piguet Crystal Inline Tourbillon.


The Richard Mille RM001, but is it one with the titanium plate? Brilliant.


Does my wrist look big in the exquisite JLC Reverso Tourbillon (rose gold)?.


and finally, originally the Patek 5101P, but having recently chewed up and spat this one out (no offence):


because "... in the flesh it was a poor rendition of something that should have made my heart stop. The finishing, the colouring, the strap, and the feel of the watch was all very disappointing. My wife thought it looked like a cheap Locman.”

Well I wouldn’t know about that sir…., but it’s been replaced with that amazing Roger Dubuis Golden Square Tourbillon. Grrrreat.


However, nirvana remains unattained until RM004, RM008, AP R.O. Cabinet Piece No 4 and AP Alinghi have been added apparently, which is nice.

Oh yes and I was very very drunk….


Speedmaster said...

Great collection!

I always love JLC. But I must admit that RM and Uwerk designs have really grown on me.


Guyot said...

Great shots. I, too, love the JLC. And that Edward Piguet - stunning, imho.

Rowley Birkin QC said...

... and the watches had all stopped - just because I breathed on them!

Ahhh, I must say that all the watches were very very nice, but I couldnt see a damn thing! You see I was very very drunk!