Saturday, April 02, 2005

Finally, a Nice Looking Annual Calendar from Patek Philippe - The ref. 5146

Blog readers warning - Opinion ahead......! Yes, finally Patek Philippe have produced a decent looking annual calendar! If you're not a fan of their Roman numeral effort (and I'm not going to waste my webspace reproducing it here if you don't know it....check out the microsite yourself for a comparison) then you'll be pleased to know they've got round to a semi-Arabic version. Actually it looks like it could have been a Jaeger LeCoultre design. LOL!

Funnily sometimes their Roman numeral versions can work e.g. the old 5038, but for me the whole series to date has been awful - well maybe with exception of the 5056P. Of course some reaction to this new 5146 has been poor (Roman numeral lovers), but hey, at least there is the choice now.


Gary said...

I like the design of this annual calendar and agree that it is a better effort than the previous iteration--the 5035. I used to own a 5035 but found it to be strangely small even on my smallish wrist. It just did not fit well and the diall appeared cluttered. As to the new 5146, what do you think of the size? I have not seen one in person, but 39mm seems to be very large for a dress watch (although that being said, I do own a Lange 1 and love the size of that watch at 38.5mm--it just sits perfectly on my wrist).


Velociphile said...

Gary, here is a report:

where Suitbert Walter said, "The case is slightly enlarged to 39mm
diameter - "slightly" cause I found it very well balanced and due to
the rounded sides of the case band it appears probably a bit smaller."

Anonymous said...

Are they coming out with a metal band? I haven't seen any except on the PP website.