Friday, March 25, 2005

Patek Developing a Coaxial Escapement?

Patek’s recent announcement of their oil-less escapement and the new silicon wheel used in it is covered in a superb article by the astute Suitbert Walter here.

One of the pictures showed various components being prepared on the silicon wafer. It struck me straight away that at least one part at a glance is there from Patek's 'shock proof' escapement patent.

Image from the Patek Patent WO2004008258

You can clearly see Part #11. Can you see any more? Well if you zoom in....

Pretty much everything is there.

This patent was published in early 2004 and described being 'shock proof' as its main feature. My view is that it is also performing a 'coaxialesque' function much like Daniel's device now in various Omegas.

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