Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sinn 157 Part2

Well here it is on the wrist:

Note the AR symbol on the dial (Argon filled) and the little CuSO4 capsule in the body on the LH side to trap and detect moisture in the watch (by turning blue).
Timing: Currently settling down from +2s/day to about +1s/day.
Weight: This is the Ti version that is so much lighter than the stainless steel version. You can set the bracelet so as not to pinch without it slopping down to your hand under its own weight.
Winding: You can clearly hear it autowinding unlike the Sinn EZM-1 I had that never wound itself.
Chrono reset: There was some evidence of the 'chrono reset issue' but as I use the chrono practically everyday it has improved with use. At the extensive gallery of Lemania 5100 (and Omega 1045) movement photographs maintained by Sergio Lorenzon at his very useful WatchScape site, you can see that the chrono seconds reset hammer is actuated less positively than the minute and hour. On the occasions that it doesn't quite reset, you just run the chrono a few seconds and hit reset again. Freeing it up with use and being positive to the bottom of the push of the reset button seems to do the trick.
Legibility: The anti-glare matte black dial and crystal, combined with bright hands the correct lengths for their individual functions and the 5100 layout make for phenomenal legibility.

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