Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sinn 903 HD 24 with Lemania 1877

The sadly now discontinued 903 with the 24 hr Lemania 1877 manual mvt. It's been a rock steady companion; usually runs around +3.5 per day for me. I often use the chronograph as a second time zone (you can read it like a regulator dial from the chrono hour register) and the slide rule gets regular twiddling thankfully without having to use the obstructive new crown on the new ones.

I particularly like the speed of the ticking (21600 vph); it seems to beat time more elegantly than the racing sound of 28800 vph mvts! IMHO of course.

My friends say it should come with a warning sticker as they are constantly caught out by catching sight of the time on it and wondering what's wrong.....

I put it on a silky, comfortable, RAF pattern 'Bond' strap. Sky high quality, cheap as chips, light as a feather, soft as your first kiss - in all weathers, indestuctabubble and definitely NOT to be confused with the normal NATO issue with the double pants double thickness and scratchy fixed 3 s/s loop positions.

Yep, discovery of the year for me. Preferably in Jimbo Bond grey stripes .......

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